Day Trading Radio Review

Day Trading Radio Review

I have been a member of Day Trading Radio for over three years now and have watched the show grow from a few active members to the large production that it is today. As most struggling stock traders do, I stayed up late every night, searching the internet for the holy grail of trading. I came across youtube videos of this daytraderrockstar guy. He didn’t pitch himself as a big “guru” that knew everything there was to know about making money in the stock market.

The more that I listened to his videos the more I understood his style of trading and that he has a set style that he follows. This was easy for me because each trade followed the same rules.

As described on several websites, Day Trading Radio is an online radio and video stream service that offers daily no nonsense trader education, technical analysis, Wall Street commentary that provides definitive coverage of markets, industries, economies and governments. It is a trader’s information, news and media company serving traders worldwide. The service integrates real-time charts and historical information on just about all trading vehicles; equities, commodities, currencies, and exchange traded funds.

The brain and voice behind Day Trading Radio is John Kurisko, aka daytraderrockstar. He has a staff of people that help him daily with the show which is broadcast from Nyack, NY. The show begins about 9am (EST) and continues until 4pm. Each day is packed with education, actual market trades and a good variety of music. Members of the site get real time alerts in the chatroom and via email each time a trade is executed. I found that just listening to his show helps take some of the stress off. I do not follow every trade that he makes but the support from other members and John helps with the confidence to enter a trade.

There are several review sites on the web that have many reviews of Day Trading Radio. There are many positive reviews out there and there are also several negative ones. I think that where most people have a problem with this type of service is that they blindly follow the person making the calls and do not take into account money management rules for their particular account size. I do not know John’s account size but I’m sure that it is much bigger than mine, therefore I cannot just blindly follow every trade he makes. Some are not for me, others work just fine but adjusting the amount invested.

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Here is a sample of the watch list that members get each week:


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